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Document Management and systems integration technology is used for capturing, managing, storing, preserving and delivering documents and content related to various organizational processes. With these systems you can provide complete access and visibility to your business records, regardless of their location or format.

All businesses change and grow and as a result the information management system you use will have to evolve, as well. If you do not implement an effective way to manage the growing number of documents and various electronic information you have, you will face issues such as:
  • Increased risk of non-compliance
  • Lower productivity
  • Higher costs
Document management and systems integration technology at Apollo Systems allow you to easily store, organize and then recover documents when they are needed. You can also create authorized user accounts, ensuring that any sensitive information remains private and only able to be accessed by those with the proper login information.

The benefits of document management for your organization

Any well-designed and properly implemented document management solution will help your organization to lower the operational costs, while improving efficiency in regard to your electronic content and documents are handled. Some of the specific benefits you are likely to see include:
  • Reduction in on-site document storage
  • Enhanced security for electronic content
  • Reduced costs for storing and retrieving documents
  • Increased continuity during disasters
  • Increased regulatory compliance

Encouraging implementation of document management solutions in your organization

In the past, the implementation of document management systems was considered a luxury expense, which was only accessible to the largest organizations. However, with the reduction in hardware and software prices, the systems offered today are not only affordable, they can help you reduce your costs associated with paper document handling and electronic content.

Consider your own organization. Do you, or your staff, spend a large amount of time looking for documents or trying to reproduce items that were misfiled? Are you able to easily and efficiently respond to customer questions? Do you have to put time and effort into moving documents from location to location or mailing them to other branches? Also, consider the amount of space being taken up by your filing cabinets – chances are there is a better use for this floor space.

You also have to consider the safety of your documents. If disaster strikes, would you lose essential business information? There are quite a few business that never reopen after losing a large amount of sensitive business information.

Parts of the document management solution

Now that you see the need for these systems, you may wonder what parts or equipment make it up. The essential components of any effective document management system includes:
  • Scanners
  • Capture software
  • Management software
  • Server software and hardware
  • Backup devices and data storage

Implementing document management services in your business

If you are ready to get started creating a custom document management solution for your business, then you need to begin with a phone call. Addressing your specific business challenges will be the goal of any document management system and one that can be challenging if you have not thought this out.

Consider the following:
  • Do you need a multi-access system that can be used by numerous people from different locations?
  • Will getting organized increase your business efficiency?
  • Will minimizing documents increase office productivity?

If you answered yes to one, or all of these questions, then it is evident that you need document management services.


Systems Integration Services

We help you enhance business performance by designing, developing and integrating the systems and applications that best run your organization. We offer:
  • Business intelligence services
  • Data management services
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Information security services
  • Mobile computing
In addition to having custom solutions for your business, you will also receive training when the management system is first implemented for your company. This ensures everyone will be able to use the system to its full potential and that you will be able to maximize the benefits that are offered.

If you are ready to see all the benefits offered by document management services and systems integration, then contacting Apollo Systems today is essential. Creating a custom solution for your needs is simple and you can see almost immediate cost savings and increased productivity after this system is installed and being used by your company and team.