All In One Printers:

Multifunction Printer or All in one printer are quite useful and handy when numbers of functions are to be performed at a single go. This is also considered as one of the most effective office-tools today which saves a lot of space and helps in getting the desired functions done from a single machine. All in one printer can also be most comfortably used in homes, where the infrastructure for office equipments is limited and when in such circumstance it can be shelved at any corner without looking odd. The numbers of functions an All in one Printer can perform are:
  • Copy
  • Scan
  • Print
  • Fax
  • Email
If you are looking for buying or renting or getting printer repair services done for your All in one/ multifunction printer, then Apollo Office Systems is the ideal place for you as we are the leading distributers, Multifunctional printer rental and service providers for all printers/copiers and scanner machines.
Our wide range of printers has the following types under it:
  • Color printers
  • Monochrome Printers
  • Impact printers
  • Label printers
  • AOI printers
  • POS printers
  • Digital production printers and
  • Multimedia production printers
Multi Functional Printers are further categorized in the following segments:
  • AIO Printers
  • Office MFP
  • Production Printing MFP

AIO printers:

AIO is a simple scanner and copier with printing features mostly for home purpose, but can be effectively used in offices, too. An AIO would have all the basic functions of Printing and Copier and few important functions of Scanner and very little functions of scanning.

With the evolving technology AIO home printers now also has networked connections such as Wi- Fi and emailing modes. Since it is mostly a home based printer, it has the additional features of smart card readers, PictBridge technology and other devices.

Office MFP:

Office Multi Function Printer is just the thing for any office system. It is designed keeping in view the requirements and the functionality of a corporate environment. It is mechanized to execute all the office stuffs such as print, copy, and scan and fax functionality. Also, the aptitude to run software such as manufacturer's software etc along with FTP, Email, Network File System, and Server Message Block are also included.

Office MFP also has offset modes, duplexing, stapling, punching holes.


SOHO MFP's can be both used at office and home environment. The options are customised an added as per to the customer's choice and needs. The common features include print, copy, fax and scan. It is more advanced to office printer; automatic paper feeder or extra sheets tray and finer fax functionality.

Production Printing MFP:

They are wide format or larger versions of the office printers for handling larger department units. Their unique feature include quick and fast printing process, high quality image processing scanner, editors, high quality and multiple sheets output facility, more digitalized, binding mechanism etc. This printer comes in two versions – light and heavy printing.

At Apollo Office Systems, our service also spreads wide into rental printers and printers for repair and services. Our few notable services are briefed as:

  • 365 days servicing
  • Quick and immediate problem solving and resolution given
  • Broad variety of printers for rental with flexible terms and conditions
  • Most exclusive warranty features and service discounts for esteemed customers
  • Proficient developers who knows the work and gives the best of services.
  • Cost effective that goes easy on pockets

We at Apollo Office Systems ensure you an enjoyable and hassle-free solution for any make of multifunction printer rental. You can also ask us for printer repair, preventive maintenance service and even for purchase of new printers. We will extend our support with full-technical qualification for a complete satisfaction when you rent printer or purchase one from us. Just give us a call or email us with your query to receive a priority solution from us!