Our customers are the reason we’re in business, and here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you become a satisfied customer, too!

Great Service

We have used Apollo for a few years now and they are amazing. They were able to provide us with all of the machines and technical support necessary for our large projects, as well as maintain our separate office. Extremely quick on repair or maintenance calls. Was even able to help find us nice used office furniture. I highly recommend them and their staff is very friendly and attentive. Great company to use!

-- Tynna King

Experts in their field

Needed a large printer for our small nonprofit. Apollo got us a great machine that has saved us a ton on printing. Also, I have appreciated the great customer service we have received whenever we had an issue or question regarding our service.

-- George Vander Veer

President & Owner

I had an amazing experience with the staff here at Apollo Office Systems. I called and there was no waiting time and the staff treated me with respect and were very friendly. I recommend Apollo Office Systems.

-- RHE quotes

Best in class

These guys are the real deal! Always prompt at returning calls and there when we need them. Comparison shop if you want (we did), but it turned out to be a waste of time, they beat 3 other competitors hands down! Highly recommended!

-- Stephen Hutter

Operations Manager

I have done business with this company for years. They have done everything that was asked in a reasonable amount of time and competitive rates. Thank you Apollo customer for life.

-- Robert Whatley

Austin Industrial Procurement Coordinator

Any time I have had to use Apollo for a job they have had a very speedy response time in any matter. They are always very friendly and put the customer above all. I would recommend them to anyone for office system needs!

-- Lisa West