Augmented Reality - countless applications limited only by your imagination!

Why Augmented Reality?

Customer Service

Increase Remote Resolutions and Safety

Augmented Reality enables customer service agents or experts to provide a greater and safer customer experience with visual AR assistance and guidance. Instantly escalate interactions so agents can see what customers see, ensuring higher remote resolutions and customer satisfaction while eliminating unneeded onsite visits.

Customers are able to share what they see from their mobile device, while agents can virtually guide them using a digital suite of AR tools to assess and solve their problems as if they were physically there on-site. Augmented Reality allows agents to spend less time assessing the situation and more time solving the actual problem, which should delight any customer experience.

  • Increase remote resolutions
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Enhance safety

Field Services

Reduce dispatches while enhancing safety

Augmented Reality enables field workers to receive remote expert assistance and instructions, instantly. Ensure higher first-time fixes, reduced resolution times, and avoid additional truck rolls while enhancing safety. Address skills gap and knowledge transfer challenges while allowing field technicians to spend less time assessing the situation and more time solving the problem. Whether through live visual AR interactions, self-guided instructional, or contextual insights, Augmented Reality makes expertise accessible anywhere.

  • Reduce expensive onsite visits
  • Bridge skills gap challenges
  • Enhance safety and reduce carbon footprint

IT Services

Resolve incidents remotely and safely

Augmented Reality enables your IT fulfiller staff to support a next normal base of virtual employees and remote workers, in a way that is more effective and safer than before. IT fulfillers can provide remote assistance and instructions, instantly, to employees ensuring higher remote resolutions, and reduced incident times while enhancing safety. Employees can remain productive by allowing IT staff to spend less time assessing the situation and more time solving the actual problem. Whether through live visual AR interactions, self-guided instructional, or contextual insights, Augmented Reality helps make expertise accessible anywhere.

  • Resolve time-sensitive issues more quickly
  • Enable broad coverage of remote workers
  • Enhance health safety by leveraging remote visits



Improve Compliance, Safety, and Productivity with Augmented Intelligence

In manufacturing, time is money. Deploying augmented reality solutions cuts costs by eliminating equipment downtime, solving issues faster, decreasing travel, reducing scrap, improving safety, and enhancing productivity. Use remote assistance, on-demand instruction, and predictive insights to troubleshoot, install and repair machinery, train staff, and improve outcomes.


Improve Customer Service, Connectivity, and Maintenance with AR Visual Support

In telecom, problem-solving can be especially difficult without visual guidance, leading to a subpar customer experience. Demand is high but experienced technicians are in short supply. Repeat visits, fierce competition, customer churn, regulatory scrutiny, cyber risk, skill gaps, and complex equipment requiring advanced expertise all add up to insurmountable challenges for telecom companies.

IT Services

Improve IT Security, Reduce Database Downtime, and Revolutionize IT Training With AR Visual Support, Instructional Content, and Predictive Insights

IT departments were already stretched thin, and the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified this with the move to remote work. Limited resources, widening skill gaps, growing cyber-security risks, stricter regulations, excessive technician dispatches, and expensive downtime are all accelerating as telecommuting becomes permanent. Companies will need to do more with less.


Improve Compliance and Medical Device Maintenance With Predictive Insights

Hospitals are facing rising costs for installing, maintaining, and repairing their sensitive equipment, while skilled technicians are becoming harder to find. In addition, reliance on internet connectivity to run the machines, stricter regulations, an aging population, and the need to cut expenses combine to make a compelling case for augmented reality solutions.

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