Color Large Format Printers are fundamentally used to print banners, posters, wallpapers, trade show graphics, duratrans, architectural drawings, backdrops for weddings or theatrical performances or any other stage show, vehicle image wraps, etc. Wide Format printers are commonly used in the above-mentioned works as they are less expensive when compared to other screen printers when size, quantity and time are taken into consideration.

A variant of inkjet technology is used to produce an image on the roll. Instead of sheets, in this form of printer rolls of print are fed during the process.

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Wide Format Color Printers are classified into five different categories, depending on the ink transfer type process they utilize:

  • Aqueous: Water-based color ink or other liquid substitutes which is soy-based. Aqueous comes in two forms UV and Dye. Where the ink color of the dye is quite vibrant and has a low UV resistant, on the other hand, UV ink is duller to look but has a strong capacity to withstand high UV rays.
  • Solvent: This ink is non-water-based and glycol ether is used to print; hence the print is waterproof. They are more durable than aqueous ink. Solvent ink has a high odor and comes in three levels namely true and full, medium and mild and eco-friendly solvent.
  • Dye Sublimation: Used for printing photographs. Special print media are used where ink is diffused in them.
  • UV: Printing is done through UV rays where the ink is dried first, resulting in a long-lasting and waterproof and weatherproof outcome.
  • Pen/ Plotter: Pens are used to draw, something similar to CAD.

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