All-in-one laser printers are a combination of printers, scanners, and copiers and are considered superior to just any one of these devices. Apollo Office Systems is one of the best dealers of B&W and Color laser printers along with multifunction printers and large format printers. We deal with premium brands of large format printers for sale and service.

Laser printing is a form of digital printing where the printing is done through a modern process that generates the finest quality of image and texts by passing laser beams on a drum to create different images. The drum is usually charged at a higher degree; after which the drum is rolled through a toner (powdered ink) which then with excessive heat and pressure turns the beam into images and texts to a paper.

This method can be applied to any laser printers as well, though laser multifunction printers employ xerographic printing process making the process much faster and quicker than the normal copiers.
Laser printer comes in two varieties – LEDs and LCDs where both are exposed to charged drums. A laser printer undergoes seven processing steps namely:

  • Raster Image Processing
  • Charging
  • Exposing
  • Developing
  • Transferring
  • Fusing
  • Performance

Color Laser Printer and Large Format laser Printer

Color laser printer use 4 types of colored toners (powdered ink) known as CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) instead of one. Also, the color laser printer uses two or more laser scanner assemblies, unlike conventional printers which use only one.

The mechanism of color printers is a little complex due to the accurate mixing of colors that are important to prevent fringing, dark streaks and blurring of images. Henceforth, a large transfer belt is used which passes through the toners and precise colors are first acquired there and then transferred to the paper imaging.

Color printers are expensive than monochrome printers, but at Apollo Office Systems, we are offering special discounts on large format printers for sale which also includes exclusive repair and services at very marginal rates. You can also find special prices for color and monochrome laser printers from us.

As you are aware Large Format Laser Printers are used to print banners, posters, wallpapers, trade show graphics, duratrans, architectural drawings, backdrops for weddings or theatrical performances or any other stage show, vehicle image wraps, etc. With our exclusive offers on large format and generic laser printer sales, we ensure you quality delivery of the product along with an unparalleled service response.

Prominent Features of Laser Printers:

1. High resolution: One of the best features of the printer is its resolution which is ranging from 300 dpi to 1200 dpi. And few exclusives versions also use Resolution Enhancement Technology for optimum impact.
2. High-Quality Print and innumerable fonts
3. Relatively faster than other dot matrix printers
4. Print per minute up to 20 – 30 pages
5. USB connectivity, emailing and Wi-Fi connectivity
6. Monthly print volume up to 4, 000 pages
7. Poster printing, booklet printing, overlays, etc.
8. Finer and crystal clear images and crispier texts
9. Paper capacity goes up to 250 pages per tray
10. Additional paper trays can be custom ordered.

Apollo Office Systems also extends their sales and services to other multifunctional printers, wide format printers, scanners and copiers and printers and copiers for rental and repairs. We provide you with round the clock service, managed and handled by veterans in this profession, who are well-trained and certified with competent authorities.
Leave us your query for sales or rental options for any kind of laser printer. We will be delighted to respond back. You can also call us to speak to our customer support executive, for any specific solution.

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